Seminal Events

30 Americans Exhibition, Rubell Museum, Miami, FL, 2008

New Abstraction

Gerhard Richter | German b. 1932
Gerhard Richter, Cage 2, 1 of 6, oil on canvas, 2006
Richard Storr: Gerhard Richter, The Cage Paintings, 2011 Smarthistory
Gerhard Richter, Doubt, 2020 Heni Talks


Danh Vo Danish-Vietnamese living in Berlin b. 1975
Danh Vo, Oma Totem, 2009
Danh Vo Interview: Art Should Estrange, 2020 Louisiana Museum
Candice Breitz South African living in Berlin b. 1972
Candice Brietz, Mother, 6 channel installation, 2005
Candice Brietz, Mother, 6 channel installation, 2005
Candice Breitz, How Mainstream Culture Shape Us, 2020 Louisiana Channel
Kalup Linzy American b. 1977
Kalup Linzy, Keys to My Heart, 2008
Kalup Linzy Likes It a Little Bit Off, 2012 Art21

Science, Technology and Art

Mariko Mori b. Tokyo 1967
Mariko Mori, Pure Land, 1996-98, glass with photo interlayer
Mariko Mori, Journey to the Seven Light Bay, 2013
Cao Fei b. Guangzhou, China 1978
Cao Fei, Cosplayers (Trailer), 2014
Cao Fei: Building "RMB City" | Art21 "Extended Play", 2011

The Body Beautiful, Erotic, Tested

Marilyn Minter | American b. 1948
Marilyn Minter, Orange Crush, enamel on metal, 2009
Marilyn Minter, Sailed, C-print, 60"x40", 2000
Susan Richmond, Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty, Exhibition Review, Brooklyn Museum, art inquiries, Vol. XVII, No. 2, 2017
Marilyn Minter, Green Pink Caviar, video, 2009

Social Sculpting, Political Reveals

Brian Jungen b. British Columbia, Canada, 1970
art21: Season 8, Vancouver, 2016 (Brian Jungen starts at 28:39)
Brian Jungen
Ai Weiwei | b. Beijing 1957
Ai Weiwei, Remembering, 2009
JP McMahon, Ai Weiwei, Remembering the Politics of Dissent, Smarthistory
Kehinde Wiley | American b. 1977
Kehinde Wiley, Femme piquée par un serpent, oil on canvas, 2008 Article: David J. Getsy, Laying It Down: Heroic Reclining Men and Other Tactical Inversions, from Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic, Brooklyn Museum, 2015

Kehinde Wiley on President Obama's Official Portrait: This is The Real Thing, TIME, 2018
banner photo: Mariko Mori, Pure Land, 1996-98